About us


Our values


  1. Integrity
    • We will always be fair, objective and honest in our work, basing our judgements on sound evidence.

  2. Professionalism
    • We will set high professional standards in everything we do, providing relevant and high-value services.

  3. Accountability
    • We will safeguard standards and drive improvements by fulfilling client-centred responsibilities. We will consult others on the development of our work and assess its impact in order to provide high value-added services that are responsive to external demands.

  4. Openness
    • We will remain open and transparent about the work we do, inviting discussion, in the belief that this improves practice and encourages trust and confidence.

  5. Independence
    • We will remain an independent voice in order to fulfil our responsibilities, basing our work on expert and objective scrutiny that invites critical analysis.


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