About us


Our aims


The strategic objectives that channel our efforts are as follows:

  1. To meet the needs of project engineers at a high level of excellence, and be valued as a high quality educational provider.
    • We will continually strive to ensure that project engineers are offered the best possible educational experience through our programs, and we will be responsive to their diverse needs, views and feedback.

  2. To safeguard educational value in an increasingly diverse and ambiguous environment.
    • As an independent and trusted authority (over 25 years), we will continue to safeguard educational standards that allow students, project engineers, employers and the wider public to be confident that the qualifications obtained through our programs are of the highest standard.

  3. To be a force that drives improvements in project engineering.
    • We will maintain and develop our role as independent experts on the standards, quality measures and developmental aspects of project engineering that are valued across multiple project engineering sectors. We will continue to build on our reputation, offer services more widely and share our expertise publicly to encourage debate and constructive change.

  4. To be a force that improves public understanding of project engineering.
    • We will strengthen our research base, continue to lead policy developments and contribute to public debate.
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